Psalm 145

This morning I gave Jude a bath while the big kids were at school. He continues to love baths! Sometimes he fights to stay in as long as possible and even asks me to warm up the water when it cools down ( he shows me his “shiver face” and then points to the faucet.” He’s a smart little cookie.

So, this morning after 30 minutes passed and I had already played peek-a-boo with the shower curtain about 50 times, rearranged the toothbrushes and wiped out the sink, I decided to sit on the bathroom floor watch a video that a friend of mine had posted this morning. If you have time, you can watch it below.. it is really very sweet:

I of course cried at the end… There is really something about a mother’s love. But more so than that, I was reminded of God’s love.

Although Jude didn’t watch the video (and if he would have, he wouldn’t have understood it) he did hear the baby cry and when he did he looked at me with a sad and confused face and said, “Oh no!”

And I assured him that it was a video on the computer and the baby was okay. And he smiled and shook his head..

It will be a while before we get to a place where he can understand his own back story.. But what he is beginning to understand is that he is loved.  He is kissed and hugged everyday, fussed over, and played with. He is fed and bathed and soothed when he cries. These are all ways for us to show him he is loved deeply and constantly,  despite what may have been  shown him  in the past. (Many of the mysteries of his past will remain a mystery, and that’s okay.)

But even more than our love, we pray that he feels God’s love.. the perfect love that has never, ever left him. It was God that was there with him when we were not. He was with him in that park when he was left alone as a baby. I find so much hope and peace in that.

The Lord is merciful and compassionate; He is gracious and good and kind. I rest in knowing He was near when I was not.

He changed something the enemy intended for harm and destruction into something very good. We were blessed enough to be chosen to be part of his plan.

I read Psalm 145 earlier in the week. Here are my favorite parts..

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts;
    let them proclaim your power.

The Lord is merciful and compassionate,
    slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.

The Lord is good to everyone.
    He showers compassion on all his creation.

The Lord always keeps his promises;
    he is gracious in all he does.

The Lord helps the fallen
    and lifts those bent beneath their loads.

The Lord is righteous in everything he does;
    he is filled with kindness.

I pray you feel the love of the Savior today.  We love you all and are continually thankful for all the love and support that has been shown to us!



2 responses to “Psalm 145

  1. Mary:
    I just love your posts and your sweet family. But most of all your heart for God. Jude is just precious! God bless you all.

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