Memorial Day Getaway In TN

Hey everyone- sorry it has been a while.  On the adoption front, there is not a lot happening.  Things are moving slower than they expected, so I find myself trying not to think about the timetable. We just try to pray and think about Jude everyday.  I find myself wonder what he is doing, what they are telling him about the adoption- does he know or understand that we are coming for him? He got a month older yesterday- He is now 2 years old and a month.  Ava and Jesse keep us super busy, thankfully and we plan to keep busy this summer while the time passes until we get him.

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to spend a fun weekend just south of Nashville with my brother’s family. It was really, really great. It’s amazing how the Lord gives you just what you need when you need it. We had some major stress and disappointment in the week prior to going, so getting away was just what we needed. We had almost everyone there (with the exception of my brother in law Jason-he had to work- we missed you Jason!) The kids were in heaven running around, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, looking at their chickens, playing with the water balloon launcher, but mostly just loved being with their cousins.  The little girls even put on a production of “Tangled” and sold tickets to put the proceeds towards the adoptions.  How cute is that?!

My mom taught the older girls how to make crochet hats and the big guys played some football and some Wii.  Whenever we all get together I feel like it is vacation for grown ups because the kids all just run off and play and we get to relax, talk, and drink coffee- what a treat 🙂 We did our share of playing, too, but gotta love a quiet moment! I guess Julie and I won’t have many of those after the boys come home! So it was a gift!

I made a slideshow of the pictures and let Ava pick out the song.  She is on a huge Jaimie Grace kick these days, so I wasn’t surprised that she picked out one of her songs.  When I listened to it, I had to laugh (Because it’s totally not my kind of music!) but I honestly couldn’t think of a more fitting song for time with these people.  We are blessed!

2 responses to “Memorial Day Getaway In TN

  1. Love the video, Mary & Michael! I’m so amazed at how many different fun, organized activities you all did that weekend. I’m like super impressed. What an AWESOME family! Such a blessing. And loved seeing all the children together:) We are praying Moses & Jude home! – “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” John 14:18

  2. Thanks so much Katie. I am blessed with a really close, supportive family. I can only hope that Ava, Jesse, and Jude like each other as much as I like my siblings 🙂 Thank you for those prayers!

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