Medical Exam

Quick update tonight! Today was Jude’s medical exam. We made it through with only a few hiccups (i.e tantrums) today. He didn’t like his exam, but what child does? He recovered pretty well and was happy when it was over.  
We have noticed that he does not cry when he falls down or bumps his head.. instead he always fights back the tears. Today when he got blood drawn he kept showing me his bandage and allowed me to kiss his booboo several times.  This was good progress 🙂
We also ventured out shopping with our guide and the other AWAA family. Shopping went well and he enjoyed his time in the stroller.
After his nap, Michael allowed me break away for an hour to get a coffee and relax (as a treat for my birthday) It was a much needed break! I was so worried that Jude was going to cry, but he didn’t cry once. What a blessing.  Michael gave him a bath and Jude pooped in the tub. Poor Michael! They played the rest of the time together, another good sign. Please pray that he would continue to let Michael care for him..
Later we went to KFC (yes there is a KFC here!) In case you are wondering, it tastes nothing like KFC and the menu consists of mostly Chinese food 😉 We were hoping for some mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. Bummer! Enjoy some for us today..
Jude threw a fit in the taxi on the way home and we are convinced that the driver got us back faster to get our crying child out of his car 🙂 He recovered well after and we spent the rest of the evening playing with toys on the floor and SKYPE’ing with the kids.  
After we lay him down for the night, Michael and I sit in the bathroom until he falls asleep. I put a towel down to sit on the floor, but Michael very sweetly said, “No you sit on the toilet, after all it’s your birthday.” I will add that to the list of things I never thought I would hear 🙂 Gee, thanks babe!
As we get ready for bed, we reflect on Thanksgiving, and are thankful for all God has blessed us with. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and eat lots of good food for us 🙂ImageImageImage

3 responses to “Medical Exam

  1. Awesome, you guys are amazing! Good job faithful servants!!! “The God of angel armies is always by {your} side!”

  2. Happy happy birthday Mary!!! You had some great one liners in that post! Miss you guys! Have fun, Jude is as sweet as can be!

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