One week down

Hey all! We have been home one week and I can’t tell you how great it is to be home! Jude loves it here.. We are seeing many more smiles and hearing much more laughter since coming home one week ago. He continues to enjoy his siblings and loves to make them laugh..

DSC_0041After Alum Creek Festival of Lights

He is sleeping pretty well. He has been crying when we put him to sleep every night. Lately it seems as though he is having so much fun that he just doesn’t want to stop to sleep. Michael and I take turns going into his room to rub his head and tell him we are still here. While we wait for him to get the hang of it, Jesse has been sleeping in Ava’s room. Not sure either of them are thrilled about this, but we keep reminding them that it is temporary 🙂

DSC_0046 2He likes to color at the table with the big kids

He continues to favor bath time. We are trying to set up a routine to let him know it’s bed time. This consists of bath, prayer, and a song. Poor guy cries during the song because he knows whats next 😦


Bath with big brother


On Friday we had his LONG appointment/evaluation. It was a 4 hour long appointment- we met with a PT, psychologist, play therapist, speech therapist, and physician. Everyone was really happy with his development.  We will go back in 6 months for a follow-up, but until then, we will not need to pursue any therapy. This was a huge blessing! We are thankful!

After the appointment, we got a call from Ava’s school to say that she had a collision with another child at recess.  We rushed to the school to get her, and after taking her to the Urgent Care, and then being sent to the ER, she was finally stitched up. Poor girl needed 4 stitches! She had a deep gash in her lip and another above her lip. She is being a real trooper, but is of course very uncomfortable. The inside of her mouth is very raw and and the outside is super swollen. Please pray for quick healing!

DSC_0059Quite the trio- Jesse’s eyes closing, Jude is stressed as he has PJ’s on and knows its bedtime, and poor Ava can’t smile with her swollen lip 😦

We are  praying that sleep schedules would get worked out for all of us, and that we would stay/get well (some of us at the beginning to feel illness coming on.) And of course, again for sweet Ava! I miss that big smile.

Thank you for praying for our family during this time of transition! God is certainly faithful! We already can’t imagine our life without lil Jude.


One response to “One week down

  1. Can’t wait to see the pre-adoption picture re-done of the 5 of you with Jude filling that open chair spot.

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