First Day of School Pictures

My mom is anxiously awaiting school pictures, so I am posting them here for non-FBers to enjoy 🙂

Also, my friend Angie sent me a link to a blog post that totally hits home for me right now. It is written to friends/family of an adoptive mom and I have to admit, it made me laugh and cry. Thanks Angie! It made me feel a little less crazy to know my crazy is “normal” right now. Here’s the link:

Here are the photos from our first day!


   IMG_0316 oelBNlYXCK3CFrKS6iTbGR35kZSwko2nPp8Y0KSRg6o

IMG_0324 USMz41nypAtRH9mcUfqemrTP8WXqh3KPibyhUyUGRNA 06jpzQba_leqOXI5Vp1uyJmEd-5BDM-6HAv_DFxsjR4

Overall things are going pretty well. The positives are that Ava had a great first day and Jesse did great for his first day of Homeschooling. Jesse is however struggling with having Ava gone for so long and it is making for a long day for him. We had initially thought Jude would be home for the beginning of the school year when we came up with this plan, so things are looking a little (a lot) different than we had hoped. Please pray for this transition as he is so sad. We love you guys and are thankful for your prayers!

We got some great news that the Pierces are going to China in less than 2 week! Moses is so close to meeting his family and we are so excited! We can’t wait to meet our new nephew! You can follow their story here:


2 responses to “First Day of School Pictures

  1. Great pictures! Happy first day of school Ava & Jesse! Hope you have a fantastic year…your little brother will be here before you know it!

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