Reminiscing and Grants

Hey Everyone.. We got some disappointing news today that we weren’t approved for the 2nd (and last) grant we applied for. Big BUMMER! We knew better than to count on it, but admittedly, we were totally counting on it. Dang!

We of course know that God’s got this, but can’t help but feel disappointed.  Pray for us as we consider the other grants. There is only one other grant that we have considered, but have recently heard of others getting turned down by it, so we struggle to know whether we should devote the time to applying. (Applications take a LONG time!)

In other news, the kids and I were talking about Jude and how big he is probably getting. To be honest, it’s really tough for me to think about this. The picture we have was taken almost a year ago, so it is easy to picture him as a baby since he was in the picture, but in reality, he is getting to be a big boy.  The other day, the kids and I looked back at the photos and videos of them when they were his age (2 years, 3 months) and I remembered how much I loved that age.

Watch below.. They are soooo CUTE!

Of course Jude isn’t doing all the things they are doing in these videos (especially Ava). Geez, that girl could really talk at that age, haha! But, I love the sweetness of that age. Not quite a baby, not quite a big kid yet.

We called our agency today, and we were left with no new information.  Hopeful that we will hear something soon. Keep praying!

One response to “Reminiscing and Grants

  1. So adorable those videos! Hannah and I enjoyed watching them. We are praying for some news SOON!!! Love you all!

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