New Photo!

We got some new photos tonight! I just told Michael that I have been checking my email multiple times a day for the last 4 month (since the last update) just waiting for something, anything about our sweet boy. I checked tonight at 8:50 and it was finally there!!!


Li Xin Luo photo 1_ 9.16.13

This photo was taken just 3 days ago 🙂 He looks so much older, yet I still see a baby left in his face (Which is something silly that I have asked God for 🙂 He looks great!!

I could go on and on about God’s faithfulness.  I will post the rest tomorrow when I am not so tired and excited 🙂

Thanks so so much for praying

One response to “New Photo!

  1. oh my WHAT A CUTIE!!! He is just as adorable as I remember in the last photo! Mary, you still got your “your baby boy” for sure, so sweet! He looks like he is holding a bag of chocolates! He might have a sweet tooth. How precious, thanks for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see more.

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