More Photos

Li Xin Luo photo 2_ 9.16.13

                 Photo taken 10 months ago (Maybe foster mom? We aren’t sure? But we are guessing it’s her- If so we’ve been praying for her!) He is so happy! It does our hearts good to see that!

Li Xin Luo photo 5_ 9.16.13

This past winter- looking sharp in his sweater! 

Li Xin Luo photo 3_ 9.16.13

Early Summer (just after his 2nd Birthday.) We are cracking up over his shirt! It says, “15 years I worked there and for what?” Why would that be on a kids shirt? haha! Paired with those pink shoes, it makes quite the get-up! But, look at that face! LOVE!

Li Xin Luo photo 4_ 9.16.13 Again, loving the outfit! Not sure what kind of “mouse” that is?! We are guessing he is just finishing up a freeze-pop? 🙂 Looking so cute!

Li Xin Luo photo 6_ 9.16.13

This photo was taken just 4 days ago. He is holding the candy we sent him! This is great news because we know he got our package! We sent that particular candy to his foster family/nannies.. But it looks like they shared with him 🙂 It is so encouraging to see he has a fun!

Li Xin Luo photo 1_ 9.16.13This photo was also taken 4 days ago. (He is wearing the same outfit.) We are guessing all these pics were taken in the foster home? Kitchen?

We are in love!

One response to “More Photos

  1. Love, love, love!!! Pink sandals in all 🙂 He is just going to be a sweetheart, you can see it in his eyes! Great pics! He is already sporting the “Iles guy’s spikey hair” 🙂

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