Jude Update

We got an email today with an update on Jude.  This was a huge blessing, because at this point, we thought we wouldn’t know any more info until we actually got him.

We are so excited to report that he is doing great.  His motor development has improved and he has caught up quite a bit. The file states that he is now attempting to talk, which is great. We had to laugh when we read that he says the words, ““no,” “want,” “full,” and “disobedient.” Why would he say “disobedient?” haha

We are told he likes hugs and that he enjoys getting snacks when he is sad. (who doesn’t?!) He likes fish and pickles- this was the hardest news for Jesse to accept. He asked me several times today how he could like pickles??! 🙂

They say he loves to play with other children and that he has a “typical boy personality” and has “a lot of energy.”

Looks like we should get our rest in now.. Seems  like he will keep us busy 🙂

Thanking God for this special blessing today. We are getting close!


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