Bake Sale Today!!

A couple months ago, Ava had this amazing idea to do a bake sale in honor of Orphan Sunday to raise money for our local Children’s Services Holiday Wish program.  She is familiar with Holiday Wish because we’ve gone shopping and let the kids pick out a few things in the past for it and she always loved it.  This year, she felt God stirring her to do more.

Prior to the bake sale, she began saving all of her money to donate toys for the Holiday Wish. Prior to this she had given her money towards adoptions, too. To be honest, at first it was tough for me (Mary) to let her do this. We’ve always encouraged our kiddos to give and tried to always set an example for them. I thought it was so cool that she was giving most of it away, but I felt uncomfortable knowing she wouldn’t spend ANY of it on herself. I found myself telling her, “why don’t you just buy yourself something, sweetie, it’s okay.. treat yourself.”

She always replied, “Nope, I’m good, I want to do this.”

I was projecting my own selfishness onto my girl. It was something I didn’t understand because I had never done it.  I love getting gift cards and money for my birthday and Christmas. Remember this post? I typically don’t waste much time figuring out what I’d like to buy for myself with them. I’m not implying this is wrong, but I also can’t say I’ve ever asked God what He would want me to do with them?  I have a feeling if I would ask, he might have a better use for my money..

It was humbling to get money from our 7 year old for the adoption, but it’s been so, so sweet. Of course, we could use every penny, so she made a real difference! It has encouraged us to think more about our money and sacrificial giving. I guess you could say she “set an example for the believers” just as she talks about in the video below..

Back to the bake sale.. She worked so hard to make this bake sale happen. She faced several obstacles (as we typically do when we do what God asks!) But, she was persistent, and faithful and today she will have the bake sale downtown at Nationwide! (in Michael’s department) She’s pretty excited about it. If you read this before noon, please pray that all would go well.

Thank you to all of you that supported and encouraged her.. And for those who donated yummy baked goods and bracelets for her to sell!

We did a little interview with her last night. We love her amazing heart!


We will take photos today or the bake sale and post them here tonight!


Jesus was sitting in the temple near the offering box and watching people put in their gifts. He noticed that many rich people were giving a lot of money. 42 Finally, a poor widow came up and put in two coins that were worth only a few pennies. 43 Jesus told his disciples to gather around him. Then he said: I tell you that this poor widow has put in more than all the others. 44 Everyone else gave what they didn’t need. But she is very poor and gave everything she had.”-Mark 12:41-44

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