Sights and Sounds from here

Playing at the hotel playground

Going to the park




Ice cream at McDonald’s

Pizza Hut


Tee Mall

Some light reading


Oh dad, you caught me!


Thanks for all the emails and comments.. We love reading them! It helps ease our homesickness.

He continues to let us in a little more day by day. He is very silly and loves to have tickle fights. He is still at the stage where things don’t get old and he will play the same silly game over and over ๐Ÿ™‚

Two more families joined our group yesterday. We are all planning to go sightseeing/shopping with our guide for several hours today. Praying that all goes well. We have decided to give ourselves the option of taking a taxi home when this little guy has had enough. We are learning what his triggers are and avoiding them as best we can. This is helping ๐Ÿ™‚

We miss you all! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your holiday weekend.

3 responses to “Sights and Sounds from here

  1. Watching the video of Jude going down the slide brings me so much joy!! It’s a great reminder of the life he is able to enjoy all because of your decision to follow through on the call to adopt. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you to our awesome God for such a precious child.

  2. Love seeing these videos, pictures and reading your words. It is so cool to see him with you guys. When watching the slide video, seeing him get picked up by Mary and video taped by Michael, it is AWE-some to know the side of it that we know, that you will be his Forever parents. And that you will train him up to know Jesus! What a double gift! He gets you and your family and the knowledge of Jesus Christ! Amazing to see who God chose for you guys as your third child. I am so excited for you and inspired. I know this exciting time is is not without tough challenges but your endurance is and will be powered by the Holy Spirit. Thank you guys for following God’s lead to make a difference in Jude’s life. What a miracle! May God strengthen you and lift you up each day. Love and Prayers.

  3. Hi, Michael and Mary (and Jude) ๐Ÿ™‚

    We have been reading every blog post, (love all your detailed stories and learning about your sweet little boy!!), looking at all your pictures, and watching all the videos. We are soooo thrilled for you guys….what an incredible journey the Lord has brought you through, and the excitement that will continue on can be anticipated. We have kept you close in thought and prayer, and can’t wait for you to be reunited as a family of 5 to begin your lives together in Ohio. ๐Ÿ™‚
    P.S. Mary, I (Angie) can empathize with the whole food thing….I’d be thinking the same thing about a PB&J tasting so good!! lol

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