Visit from friends

Short post here. Jude woke up screaming from his nap an hour ago. It almost seemed as though he was dreaming about something (maybe his foster family?) He was so angry when he woke up to realized we were still here.  It really is so sad. We wish he understood that we are mom and dad, and that the family that he lived with had no intentions on keeping him.  So much for a two year old to deal with and process, we just keep praying that he would begin to feel at home with us. So after the nap, and the screaming, he settled down, ate a banana, and started playing with Michael (as though the last hour of screaming never happened.) We are thankful that he is happy and giggling at this moment! What a difference and hour can make.

In other news, last night we had visitors! Our old friends Sarah and Shaun (from IWU) took a long 3 hour train ride to visit us after work. They live one city east of Guangzhou and have been teaching at an international school in China for the last 4 years. It did our hearts good to see their faces, catch up and laugh. Although our visit was short, it was so good. So thankful that God cares about the details and blessed us with a visit from friends.

DSC_0112Chicago fun  with the Hazels in 2008- look how little Ava and Jesse are!

DSC_0107 Hanging in Guangzhou in 2013

Thank you all for you sweet comments and emails yesterday. We love hearing from you. For some reason wordpress isn’t letting us leave comments back. We appreciate all of the prayers, encouragement and kind words! Love to you all!

4 responses to “Visit from friends

  1. So glad you got to see friends. Hope that helped with your home sickness. It won’t be long now before you are back home. Continued prayers for you and your sweet family. God Bless!! Kim

  2. We are praying for you at Tree of Life. What a special missionary journey your are on. Thank God for old friends at a time when encouragement is needed. You are loved and covered in prayer.

  3. There is just one set of footprints in the sand behind you. God is carrying you! It is inspiring to read THIS CHAPTER about your life as you continue to seek Him rather than your own strength. So glad some tough days are behind you. Excited to read more about your journey!
    “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, the God of ANGEL ARMIES is always by my side.” Go Team M&M!

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