We Made It!

Hey everyone! We made it to China! Some of our travel plans changed and we did not stay the night in Beijing. Once our flight landed in Beijing, we were met by our guide who told us that we would need to stay at the airport for a few more hours and then catch a flight to Guangzhou.  We arrived in Guangzhou last night at 11:30 pm. We counted up the hours and figured that by the time we arrived here, we had been traveling for 28 hours and had only slept for 2 hours of that time.. Whew! We were glad to finally be here!


We slept really well last night, and enjoyed an amazing breakfast at our hotel this morning. This hotel is amazing- it’s really beautiful and everyone is really nice and helpful.  Although we are feeling a little out of our comfort zone with the language barrier, we have felt fairly comfortable so far.

Last night we realized that we brought the wrong converter for our laptop. Since our guide was not working here this morning, we decided to be adventurous and figure out getting one ourselves. We got to experience crazy Guangzhou driving as we traveled about 20 minutes away to electronics store by taxi and then back. We managed to get what we needed and we made it back in one piece. I have never experienced such driving and without a seatbelt mind you, haha! Thankful that is over!

We are leaving in an hour to meet Jude at the civil affairs office. We will be meeting him for the first time in that office and signing paperwork. After that, we are told that we have to go straight to the grocery store. It should be interesting going to the store with him right away? Not sure how that will go, but we are praying that all will go well. We just can’t wait to meet him!! We have butterflies in our stomachs, of course, but are feeling really good overall. Thank you for your prayers. We have felt surprisingly calm and we know that many are praying!!

Today is Gotcha Day!! Here we go!!

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