Making progress..

Today is the first day that we have gotten a free day and it is so nice! We had a lazy morning, took our time at breakfast, and then then played outside until lunch. Jude is napping and Michael figured out a work-around for us to post straight to our blog. Until now  I have been emailing them to my sister. WordPress is blocked here normally.

Michael is out exploring the subway system while Jude sleeps. I am amazed at how much more adventurous Michael is than me! I am happy to stick close to the hotel when possible (when we don’t have our guide.)

We are beginning to figure out what this little boy likes to eat. If he doesn’t like something he will shake his head no, or store it up in his cheeks until I give him a napkin to spit it into.He likes- Congee (like cream of wheat with meat in it,) oranges, bananas, noodles, rice, corn, cheerios, chicken, eggs, fruit snacks, and doughnuts
He doesn’t like- oreos, granola bars, watermelon, pineapple, chocolate, juice, oatmeal

Each day we try something new and wonder if it will stay in his mouth. I wish you could’ve seen his face when I gave him apple juice! Absolute disgust! It’s so interesting to see how cultures eat so differently. I feel the way about Congee that he feels about apple juice.

Jude gets lots of attention from the people around us. Lots of people smile and wave at him. We have yet to see him wave back at any of them!  He always shakes his head “no.” We get the impression that he is shy around strangers.

Today at breakfast he waved to Michael when Michael was across the breakfast bar. This was the first wave 🙂 He later yelled out “Baba!” Which means “daddy.” We couldn’t believe it! He has called me Mama a handful of times, but mostly continues to call us both “E-ut” very very loudly about 500 times a day, haha!

We took him to the playground today and put him atop the slide. It doesn’t seem like he has ever been on one. He loved it! He also tried the swing after much apprehension, and loved it. He loved it so much that he screamed all the way back to the room when it was time to go.

I am going to try to post a video of Jude laughing in the van (he is ticklish!) not sure if it will work? Love you all! Thank you for the prayers. We are feeling them. Today we enjoyed eating breakfast and felt less homesick. We are almost halfway through our trip!


5 responses to “Making progress..

  1. So cute! Love that little laugh and can’t wait to hear it live soon! Love you all and praying everyday!

  2. Love the updates Mary. Continued prayers for u guys! Your doing great! Jude is soo cute, I just love his huge smile!!

  3. I look forward to your posts every day!! I’m praying for you – “May the God of peace…equip you with everything good for doing his will.” Hebrews 13:20-21

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Love to see and pray after each post. We certainly can see God’s love in you and we are sure Jude can feel it, too. BTW, we know and do eat congee (it’s actually made of rice, the thickness depends on how much water we cook it with and we can add anything like veggie or meats). So funny to see your comments between congee and apple juice.
    Beware when you are out and about by yourself – a lot of pickpocketing done by a group of thieves. Look forward to seeing you back in Columbus!

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